Our mission

MI SB FAM is dedicated to serving the spina bifida community by providing unity and support.

About us

The official name is Michigan Spina Bifida Family, but that’s just for formalities. We’ll go by MI SB FAM (pronounced MY S B FAM). We feel the name captures our pure identity and purpose and we hope you feel the same!

MI SB FAM is dedicated to serving individuals with spina bifida as well as their family members and supporters by providing networking opportunities and creating awareness, as well as through resources, education, community outreach, advocacy, and special assistance grants. MI SB FAM believes in means to improve and promote good health and well being along with empowering each other through our struggles and our strengths. We hope you will support us as our purpose is to support you and we are very excited about this!

Contact MI SB FAM

Reach out to us and let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

Thank You to MI SB FAM Sponsoring and Supporting Organizations!